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Eljo Services Private Limited was established by a British-Indian Businessman to provide remote business management services to Healthcare Staffing businesses in the UK. The idea of a back office abroad was born out of the fact that in the UK the Healthcare Companies find it increasingly difficult to find well qualified and committed employees to support their 24/7 operations and the fact that the shrinking margins and ever increasing cost of employment made it quite difficult to remain competitive in a matured market with high overheads. Stringent recruitment policies, detailed and protocol driven training and induction, a commitment to quality, reliability and customer service together with the availability of a large number of highly educated, young university graduate applicants seeking challenging placements in a job market where there are very few good opportunities has helped Eljo services to establish, grow and excel. When most service companies looked to Big Cities, Eljo Services looked to establish itself in a very small town in the northern tip of the State of Kerala (in the south of India). This has helped Eljo to gain trust and goodwill in the local community as the Company provides job opportunities to highly educated local youth to obtain well paid jobs and work for international companies right at their doorstep where no such opportunities exist.


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Shaju Jose, Founder

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Eljo Services provides full Remote Business Management Services (RBMS) and IT solutions to overseas businesses who wants to reduce their staffing and operational costs while increasing productivity, accountability and customer service thus helping our clients to streamline their operational priorities. We help our clients to make their already successful businesses more cost effective by eliminating prohibitive HR overheads. We also provide workflow software, CRM, Mobile App and other IT related solutions to recruitment and staffing agencies, especially in the healthcare sector.


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What's New in Google Analytics 4

All the storming queries that revolve around your mind regarding what, where and what' happening in your website remained buried until Google Analytics came into the scenario.  victimization the Google Analytics platform anyone would possibly understand but a user behaves terribly} very specific website.

Understanding consumer behavior online is crucial to clarify, rectify and enhance user experience to drive in extra traffic. Universal Google Analytics has been used throughout many business websites to seek out errors and convey up their websites.

Well in Dec 2020, universal analytics go updated into Google Analytics four or GA4. The fourth version of Google Analytics helps to consolidate information terribly} every single assortment of reports from websites and mobile applications, facultative you to conduct cross-platform analysis. 

Comparison between the old and new updates of google analytics